Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Almost 6 years Later

I still get satisfaction from seeing my perfect foot + arch imprinted in the sand as I walk on the beach without pain :) This is something I never thought possible before the surgeries. 

Anyway, 6 years later and I get almost zero pain or aches in my feet.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

4 Years Later

After 4 years... This is still one of the coolest things for me (see video below). Those with flat feet are very familiar with the primitive duck footprint you leave when stepping on the beach sand. I was no different, but since Hyprocure my footprint is now a beautifully symmetrical piece of art :)  As for me, nothing has changed. My feet feel great, I have no pain, and still recommend anyone suffering from flat feet have this procedure done ASAP. After talking about this and suggesting it others... I've learned most people are apprehensive and avoid Hyprocure because the thought of a titanium screw being surgically implanted is just plain scary. Just to clarify... this is not a major surgery. General anesthesia is not used (some people fear that as mortal complications sometimes arise). Hyprocure is a 20 minute procedure, done under mild sedation, that leaves most patients walking the same day (in an air cast). Everyone's body is different, but if implanted properly, most people don't feel much pain or swelling following the proceedure. This is because Hyprocure isn't drilled into the bone. It's simply placed in an existing canal in the ankle and is secured in place within a few weeks by scar tissue. I understand being fearful of a surgery, but the reward of a normal pain free life was totally worth it for me!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

3 Years Later

It's been about 3 years since i've had both Hyprocure implants. Everything is still going great. I have almost completely forgotten I even had the procedures done. I'm able to run, walk on the beach, exercise, take long strolls, etc. completely normally. I'm also able to wear any kind of shoe and/or sneaker... which was impossible before with my temperamental flat feet. My feet are still quite wide. I thought the implant would fix that, but it only made a minor difference. My theory is... my flat feet caused years of improper weight distribution which stretched-out the ligaments and tendons in my feet (see pic below). So even though Hypocure made the weight distribution normal now, the damage has already been done and my ligaments and tendons still stretch out ever time i step... causing me to still have wide feet. As you can in the pic... my tendons are visible in the non-weight bearing pic; and when I step down they stretch-out and then cannot be seen. My foot is about 3/8" of an inch wider when I put weight on it. However, it isn't painful or a problem in any way. I just wear wider shoes or buy 1 size bigger to accommodate the width. Every now & then, I still get minor aches and pains around the implant site. Espcially when the weather changes or it's very humid; the aches can be stronger.

Friday, November 4, 2011

1 Year After Both Surgeries

It's been a little over 1 year since both my surgeries. My quality of life has changed dramatically. I have almost no back, sciatic, leg, or shoulder pain anymore. I can walk around, exercise, and run with no pain. If I'm on my feet for 5 or 6 hours in a row... my feet start getting fatigued and I get some sensitivity and soarness around the  implant areas of my ankles... but I think it's normal for people with non-flat feet to also get fatigued after being on their feet all day. Every now and then when I step wrong, I feel a minor sharp pain around the implant area of my ankle. The implant area also gets achy sometimes - especially when the weather is changing. However, these are rare and minor pains that I'd trade in any day in place of the unbearable back and leg pain I had before the surgeries. This past summer, I also walked on the beach barefoot for the first time without pain and discomfort! The sand actually felt good on my feet. Those of you with flat feet know how uncomfortable and painful walking on sand can be. I also wore flip flops and even walked around barefoot... not possible before the surgeries. In conclusion, I definitely 100% recommend anyone with flat feet to get this procedure done ASAP!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

7 Months After Surgeries

It's been 7 months since I had the Hyprocure implants put into both feet. I have no back, leg, or should pain anymore. It has literally been life changing. Since I don't need to wear orthotics and my feet aren't flat anymore; I can wear any sneaker or shoe I want! No more struggling to find the right sneaker as most weren't comfortable. I suggest getting a sneaker with cushioning and stability. The New Balance I got ended up being too firm; not even cushioning. I also tried motion control sneakers (shoes for people with flatfeet that prevent over/hyperpronation), and they were too restricting and uncomfortable. Now that my arch doesn't collapse; I don't need major arch support in a shoe anymore - just a minor mix of cushioning and stability. I found that old school Nike Air Max sneakers were the most comfortable as they provide some arch support, and have the perfect combination of cushioning and firmness. The newer Nike Lunar series sneakers are too spongy feeling - they felt unstable like I was walking on a water bed. My feet still do ache if I walk around all day or when the weather is cold. However, I think that's normal. Aren't normal feet supposed to hurt if you're on them all day? ...I don't know as I've only had normal feet for 7 months :) I can't wait till the summer so I can wear flip flops for the first time in my life!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

3 Months After Surgery

It's been 3 months since my right foot was operated on (2 months for my left). Everything is going great. The soarness & aches in my feet are almost totally gone.  I can be on my feet longer & longer everyday without fatigue. The chronic back, knee, and leg pain I've endured my entire life has almost completely diminished. My quality of life has already dramatically improved, and my healing & body adjusting is only at about 75% complete. There is still minor bruising around the surgery sites of both feet. My foot actually looks normal now as there is an arch present (see the before & after pic below)! Hopefully by this summer, I'll be able to wear flip-flops and walk on the beach without pain for the first time on my life!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

9 Weeks After First Surgery - 1 Month After the Second

I got the stitches out of my left foot today. It was the second foot to be operated on, but healed significantly more quickly than my right foot.  I'm officially free of all ankle braces and for the past 2 days have been walking around on my new feet! I'm actually about 1/2 an inch taller now since my sinus tarsi isn't collapsing anymore. I also had to get new sneakers as my old ones were worn out from my prior flat feet and didn't fit well anymore.  After doing research and trying different sneakers, I got a pair of New Balance 993 as my new sneakers. I've always been a Nike guy, but New Balance are supposed to be the best built and designed to eliminate pronation and provide stability. I did get a pair of cushioned Nike Lunarfly sneakers as a back-up as well. Following my surgeries, sneakers with superior cushioning and stability seem to be the most comfortable.  My feet get soar and hurt if I walk too much, but it's not the same lower-back, knee, and arch pain I chronically had before the surgery.  Now it's a soarness around the outside of the foot as my feet are still adjusting to their new corrected position. Now that I'm distributing weight on my feet correctly, I'm getting knots in the shin and foot muscles that I'm using for the first time, but my feet are adjusting and the pain is less everyday. I also get dull aches in my ankles as the weather gets colder or more humid, but Dr. Kass said that will dissipate and is common. The Hypocure website says they've never had a reported case of the stent popping out after 4 weeks post-op.  I'm over 4 weeks post-op on both feet, so it seems I've made it through both surgeries without complications!  Woo hoo!