Wednesday, April 6, 2011

7 Months After Surgeries

It's been 7 months since I had the Hyprocure implants put into both feet. I have no back, leg, or should pain anymore. It has literally been life changing. Since I don't need to wear orthotics and my feet aren't flat anymore; I can wear any sneaker or shoe I want! No more struggling to find the right sneaker as most weren't comfortable. I suggest getting a sneaker with cushioning and stability. The New Balance I got ended up being too firm; not even cushioning. I also tried motion control sneakers (shoes for people with flatfeet that prevent over/hyperpronation), and they were too restricting and uncomfortable. Now that my arch doesn't collapse; I don't need major arch support in a shoe anymore - just a minor mix of cushioning and stability. I found that old school Nike Air Max sneakers were the most comfortable as they provide some arch support, and have the perfect combination of cushioning and firmness. The newer Nike Lunar series sneakers are too spongy feeling - they felt unstable like I was walking on a water bed. My feet still do ache if I walk around all day or when the weather is cold. However, I think that's normal. Aren't normal feet supposed to hurt if you're on them all day? ...I don't know as I've only had normal feet for 7 months :) I can't wait till the summer so I can wear flip flops for the first time in my life!