Tuesday, August 19, 2014

4 Years Later

After 4 years... This is still one of the coolest things for me (see video below). Those with flat feet are very familiar with the primitive duck footprint you leave when stepping on the beach sand. I was no different, but since Hyprocure my footprint is now a beautifully symmetrical piece of art :)  As for me, nothing has changed. My feet feel great, I have no pain, and still recommend anyone suffering from flat feet have this procedure done ASAP. After talking about this and suggesting it others... I've learned most people are apprehensive and avoid Hyprocure because the thought of a titanium screw being surgically implanted is just plain scary. Just to clarify... this is not a major surgery. General anesthesia is not used (some people fear that as mortal complications sometimes arise). Hyprocure is a 20 minute procedure, done under mild sedation, that leaves most patients walking the same day (in an air cast). Everyone's body is different, but if implanted properly, most people don't feel much pain or swelling following the proceedure. This is because Hyprocure isn't drilled into the bone. It's simply placed in an existing canal in the ankle and is secured in place within a few weeks by scar tissue. I understand being fearful of a surgery, but the reward of a normal pain free life was totally worth it for me!