Saturday, October 16, 2010

7 Weeks After 1st Surgery - 12 Days After 2nd Surgery

It's been almost 7 weeks since my first surgery and 12 days after my second surgery. The 1st surgery was on my right foot.  It was the more severely hyper pronated (flat) foot.  That foot is at about 80% now.  My left foot was just operated on 12 days ago. I was in a half-cast for 8 days and did not put any weight on it. The cast was removed in the morning, and amazingly by the evening I was able to walk on it barefoot with almost no pain.  It's healing very quickly.  I don't know if it's mental since I already went through it and was not nervous, or if this foot is just less flat and therefore will adjust to it's new corrected position more quickly (that was my doctor's opinion).  After the half-cast was removed, I was in a walking-boot for the entire day.  It was pretty painful walking in the boot for the first few of hours.  However, by the evening it didn't hurt at all.  So I went home and removed the boot and was able to walk barefoot with almost no pain.  I didn't walk around much, and was very careful not to roll-over my ankle as that could cause the implant to pop out or displace.  Dr. Kass told me if there is no pain, I can transition to the air stirrup ankle brace (by aircast) immediately.  So now I'm walking around with the ankle brace in my own sneakers.  In 2 weeks I can loose the ankle brace altogether as that's when the scar tissue will have successfully bonded to the stent preventing it from ever displacing.  So far the surgery is working perfectly.  For the first time on  my life, I've been walking a decent amount with no orthotics and I have almost no back, knee, or leg pain!


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  2. Hello Marco.Thank you for your blog.It's been a year that I have my surgery with implants.Everything is ok but I still have some edama on my achilles tendon area.Did you have the same problem?Do you have any permanant edema?

  3. Hello Marco,
    Great to know that the surgery had a positive outcome. Do you have an idea about the worthiness of doing this for children of below 5 years?. Could you please provide the contact details of your surgeon and hospital if possible.